Today there is so much concern & awareness about the future of our planet.  Not a day goes by that there is not something in the news media about being conciuos of how we conserve energy, water, natural resources and the disposal of waste.

On August 14th The Shaka Franklin Foundation, R2 Stewardship Electronic Recycling and Urban Survival Fitness will present Conscious” – the First Annual Community Wellness and Recycling event at Shaka’s Place Youth Technology Center, 5929 E. 38th Ave. in Denver.

Recycling is the process of taking a produc at the end of its usefull life and using all or part of it to make another product.  Recycling is a simple process we can all engage in to help the environment and help preserve natural resources.

On August 14th bring your computers, cell phones, televisions, fax machines, calculators, copiers and other electronic devices to Shaka’s Place Youth Technology Center between 10AM and 3PM to be recycled.

Don’t just bring your old electronic devises, but your sensitive documents that need to be shreded.  SHRED IT will be on hand to shred documents while you wait.

R2Stewardship/Techno Rescue is a partner in the recycling event on August 14th.  R2Stewardship/Techno Rescue is a veteran-owned business registered as a Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste.  They currently have 3000 clients throughout Colorado and the U.S. with services such as E-Waste Disposal and computer recycling, network repair and sales, web and graphic design and IT consulting, all with an emphasis on helping and protecting the environment.

“Concious” is not just about recycling but healthy habits and eating, taking care of our bodies, preventing disease and staying physically and mentally fit.

Urban Survival Fitness is housed at Shaka’s Place and will be demonstrating how we as partners are doing something about the phyiscal and mental health of our community.

Urban Survival Fitness was specifically created and designed to integrate different forms of fitness – martial arts, dance, weights, cardio and flexibility training into one “boot camp” type of workout, guaranteeing healthy results.  The Urban Survival Fitness motto is “The Best Me I Can Be”.  Urban Survial Fitness founder, Jeffrey McMillan and team leader Johnnie Williams have created indivdual and team work-outs that push everyone, no matter their fitness level, to accomplish thier own individual goals while encouraging a friendly competition, camaraderie, and self discipline.  On August 14th you are invited to observe the high energy intense fun of Urban Survival Fitness and sign up for one of the weekly classes.

If you would like more information on  “Conscious: Wellness & Recycling Day” call Terri Carrigan at OR me, Marianne Franklin at . If your company would like to sponsor this event with in-kind services or financially, Terri or I can help you.

See you on August 14th!

Marianne Franklin, Executive Director

Door Prizes to include desk top computers and more. All recycling is FREE with the exception of monitors ($5) & televisions ($10).  Proceeds from all monitors benefit The Shaka Franklin Foundation for Youth

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