The Shaka Franklin Foundation for Youth
26th Annual Love Our Children Luncheon

Bo ReichenbachBO RIECHENBACH – Keynote Speaker

Navy SEAL, Bo Riechenbach, has battled back from a devastating injury. He lost both his legs when he stepped on a IED while deployed in Afghanistan.

On July 17, 2012, Reichenbach and a five-person sniper team were patrolling a village where previously there had been horrific firefights with the Taliban. All was unusually quiet as the afternoon wore on toward sunset.

Heading toward a safer place where they would spend the night, Reichenbach was walking third in line. A point man and interpreter in front of him apparently stepped on a 20-pound IED buried in a field but their body weights were too light to set it off.

Bo wasn’t so fortunate. The explosion laid waste to his left leg and severely injured his other leg and left arm. Another SEAL was severely injured by shrapnel. Both were bleeding profusely and there was concern they might not make it.

Bo’s father Don remembers where he was the moment he got the call at 10:30 in the morning. He could see that the incoming call was a SATphone and he assumed it was Bo.   When Don heard the grave voice of Bo’s commanding officer, Mike Hayes, he froze. He knew something was wrong and the thought came to him of the possibility that he was getting the call every parent with a child in the military dreads most.

Commanding Officer Hayes said Bo was seriously injured, but alive. He let Bo’s father know that he had lost one of his legs and they were trying to save the other, but the greatest priority was to keep him alive.

Join us on Friday, April 22, 2016 to hear the rest of Bo Reichenbach’s story, how he has dealt with depression, PTSD and is learning how to go on with his life.


The above is an excerpt of a magazine story written by Todd Wilkinson entitled “Bo Knows”