Shaka on the Move

We are constantly reminded of drug and alcohol abuse on college campuses, but how often do we hear about suicide on campuses?  Suicide has become a danger that is not always talked about or addressed openly.

The American College of Health Association says that 15% of students are clinically depressed. Depression can lead to suicide. According to SAMSHA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration) mental health has been identified as a serious issue on college campuses. In an effort to bring more attention to the importance of mental health on college and university campuses, The Shaka Franklin Foundation started SHAKA ON THE MOVE.

SHAKA ON THE MOVE is a mobile unit that is available to travel to campuses delivering information on mental health, suicide prevention and intervention, depression and other disorders. Suicide is veiled with stigmas and embarrassments.  Thankfully, many colleges and universities are confronting suicide, depression and mental health head on before it is too late. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among persons aged 15-34.

SHAKA ON THE MOVE is a bridge for help. For many students it is the first time they have been away from home. It can be very traumatic and lonely. Their support systems seem very far away. There are new pressures that include peer pressure and expectations of parents for high academic achievement. SHAKA ON THE MOVE is designed to assist colleges in sharing what is working for them and passing information and resources on to other institutions encouraging them to create a prevention plan.

We bring information and guidance directly to students and communities in an effort to dispel stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental health.

SHAKA ON THE MOVE is available to participate in health fairs, provide informal counseling, discussion sessions and presentations to students, faculties and parents.