This is Our Focus

To Educate on mental health issues with a strong focus on youth suicide prevention and intervention.

Publicize the warning signs of suicide and depression.

Provide informal counseling and family mediation.

Provide educational scholarships for youth.

Provide a speaker’s bureau for schools, civic groups, churches, parent organizations, businesses and other non profit organizations.

Provide a referral service for mental health treatment.

Advocate for mental health and the well being of children and youth.

Our Values

The Shaka Franklin Foundation for Youth is dedicated to the health, well being and success of children and young people.  We listen carefully and respond to the needs and concerns of those referred to us for help.

All young people are our passion regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, geneder or sexual preference.  We embrace diversity, celebrate each person’s dreams, goals and accomplishments, and emphasize self worth

We honor our commitments to the communities we serve and treat all individuals with respect and dignity, always keeping in mind each person’s  right to privacy, discretion and individuality.

As an organization we feel responsible to encourage and seek out those who are creative and innovative who can help us improve our services.  We are professional in our relationships with donors/funders and clients.  We hold ourselves accountable to our community and demonstrate the highest integrity in all situations. 

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