Educational Scholarships

The Shaka Franklin Foundation has a strong partnership with the University of Colorado Denver and a pre-collegiate program is being developed to assure more students are ready to enter college upon finishing high school. These are endowed scholarship funds that will grow over the years.

Our Scholarships 

The Dy Lussi-Austin Scholarship Fund for Figure Skaters was created in memory of Dy Lussi-Austin who was instrumental in starting the SHAKA I.C.E. ice skating program. 

The first scholarship was awarded to Emma Pulse in 2014, a figure skater and Shaka Franklin Foundation volunteer. Emma is now a senior at Metro State University and will graduate in 2019 with two degrees. 

Terrell Patton graduated in 2016 from San Diego State University with a degree in Communications. The Shaka Franklin Foundation awarded him $12,000 over 4 years. 

In 2017 the Shaka Franklin Foundation presented student veteran, Dough Hernandez with a $2,500 scholarship to help him complete his senior year at University of Colorado Denver. His goal is to continue on to Medical School.

Please contact us for scholarship application information!