What is Shaka I.C.E.?

Shaka I.C.E. (inner city edge) was started in 1997 with Learn-to-Skate programs, ice hockey development, and figure skating. Today it supports the Western Regional Hockey Camp in Colorado Springs, which is an elite camp for 200 players. Shaka I.C.E. also supports the Colorado Rampage and other youth hockey teams. 

Each year Shaka I.C.E. is able to supply a certain number of players with equipment and pay hockey fees based on needs. 

Plans For the Future

Our vision for the future of the Shaka I.C.E program is an ice rink to be built in Colorado, near 51st and Broadway.  This rink will provide a hub for the Shaka I.C.E programs, focusing on the support and mentoring of at risk teens. 

Additionally, this rink will be open to the public at cost in order to financially support the Shaka I.C.E programs, as well as other organizational goals and programs.

We Need Your Help

Our goal is creating this ice rink, but we need your help!  We have a $1.5 million goal ahead of us to reach to build this rink.  Any help towards our goal would aid us in mentoring and supporting suicidal teens across America.